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The resolve is within you,,,, we'll show you

TangataWhenua means born here
People on the lands



                  when you realise the fictional legal system is                  going against natural law and causing you harm (physical, psychological or financial) please become a new member of International Law Counsel by emailing to join or fill in our member form at the bottom of the website. 

The International Law Counsel is nonresident settlors/individuals across the world working together for a lawful society under natural law (ie causing no harm to others whilst being custodians of the land, air and water).  It's a way of learning, teaching and creating a better way of life for all, the way that life was intended to be.  This is the way of learning, that the ways of the fictitious legal system created by the corporate machine that we have all been enslaved to is not lawful.  You can learn how to stop the corporate machine administrating without rights and causing you harm (physical, psychological, financial) by taking back your full power of attorney so you can freely administrate yourself and cause no harm whilst looking after the land which also looks after you.

The law counsel is there for any unlawful acts, deception, fraud against you, on your behalf by the people for the people.  The law counsel helps you administrate yourself instead of others administrating without rights and causing harm.

We live in an inverted world ...lets help put it right

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To me it's not like any other freedom group i've joined previously, that give me a card and some information and you on your own.. Instead we have a family of nonresident settlors here.  Anytime you need some support there's a team here, and someone with the knowledge and experience that will benefit your journey. It's been amazing seeing it start off with a few of us catching up each week on zoom, to what it is now with so many experienced people joining and sharing. Everyone has a piece to the puzzle, that is so valuable. The zoom calls at the beginning were so helpful to INNERstand  what they were saying.  i spent around a few months quietly listening in  the background of those zoom calls, slowly coming to terms with what was shared with me. First thing that i needed to comprehend was that you didn't need to fill in any papers to step out of the public, we are it already. Our natural state is as a nonresident settlor, which is the closest thing we can be here to our divine spark within our hearts that's connected to our Creator within. Then learning that the legal system recognizes the term. I bet it's at little bit of knowledge that they never wanted the "public" to know about.. Then it's a process of unlearning what the system taught you, and Question everything..  What i gain from each zoom is food for my soul. It's not just a passing fad that i'm tagging along with, it's a way of life (that i've walked along for many years), but now we are growing into a team worldwide.  So Grateful!


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