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Meeting Etiquette
The meeting starts @8pm please be prompt.

We ask if you could all show your faces on these meetings even if its just for a few minutes so we can verify its not robots etc (unfortunately if you ignore this request you will be removed from the meeting), please make sure you mute yourself as we have a speaker for the 1st hour about different topics which is recorded, then afterwards we have a open discussion chit chat, remember if u would like to ask a question please click reactions button and raise your hand
many thanks and see you at the next meeting


Agendas are in the telegram chat

Every Thursday
8pm - 9.30pm  NZ time

Intro Newbies Meeting


New Zealand & Aus etc

Every Tuesday 9 January 2024 onwards
8pm - 9.30pm  NZ time
8pm UK time 
3pm CAD time

UK, USA & Canada etc

Every Monday 8 January 2024 onwards
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