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What is Premeditated Fabrication with Intent will be the answer to all questions if you apply it in an appropriate format, we used this format about 20 years ago when our journey started off with how corrupt the whole world was, we was only just a plumber and a PA at the start of our journey which by the way we still are lol, but many years ago we needed to find a minimalist worded question using their words as in their legal system, and how cud we construct something to use against them cuz at this particular time we realised we had to use the law against the law, which sort of like checkmates them and puts them on a back foot 
So we came up with this easy to use understand and its also like a skeleton key that fits to all types of fraud and deception, at this particular time 20 years ago we knew nothing about natural law we was just fighting for justice within the corporate system and how to defend ourself from them, but now 20 odd years later we realise that by learning about natural law which is basically lawful which is causing no harm (physical, psychological, financial), its amazing to think we was doing everything lawful without realising it at the time, obvs being guided from somewhere 
For some unknown reason these 4 words popped out which is  
premeditated fabrication with intent 
we used this format for 3-4 years against the banks, the land registry, the law society, financial ombudsman, insurance companies, solicitors, barristers, Westminster and they really did not know what to do with us, after 3-4 years they actually got a top barrister from london to threaten an injunction order on us in regards to the formats that we write letters with, which is this 
So as you can see they don’t like it cuz it creates a figure of 8 infinity loop we used to call it lock link and loop which is actually a figure of 8 
Premeditated -  
To form an intent to carry out (an action, such as a crime); intend to carry out: premeditate a killing. 

To premeditate an action, especially a crime. 

(Law) (of something, such as a violent crime) planned or considered beforehand 

Synonyms – calculated, conscious, deliberate, intentional, wilful, contrived, fixed, rigged, aforethought, thought-out, set-up,  


Need we say more lol 
Fabrication -  

manufacture; something fabricated; an untruthful statement: His alibi was a total fabrication. 
Synonyms – deceit, falsehood, fiction, forgery, untruth, fib, figment, fairy story, fake, concoction 

This is just some of them lol 
Intent -  

A determination to perform a particular act or to act in a particular manner for a specific reason; an aim or design; a resolution to use a certain means to reach an end. 

Intent is a mental attitude with which an individual acts, and therefore it cannot ordinarily be directly proved but must be inferred from surrounding facts and circumstances. Intent refers only to the state of mind with which the act is done or omitted. It differs from motive, which is what prompts a person to act or to fail to act. For example, suppose Billy calls Amy names and Amy throws a snowball at him. Amy's intent is to hit Billy with a snowball. Her motive may be to stop Billy's taunts. 

In TortLaw, intent plays a key role in determining the civil liability of persons who commit harm. An intentional tort is any deliberate invasion of, or interference with, the property, property rights, personal rights, or personal liberties of another that causes injuries without Just Cause or excuse. In tort an individual is considered to intend the consequences of an act—whether or not she or he actually intends those consequences—if the individual is substantially certain that those consequences will result. 

Basic intentional torts include Assault and Battery, conversion of property, false arrest, False ImprisonmentFraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, and Trespass. It is ordinarily not necessary that any wrongful or illegal means be used to accomplish the negative result, provided the wrongful conduct was intentional and was not accompanied by excuse or justification. 

In Criminal Law the concept of criminal intent has been called mens rea, which refers to a criminal or wrongful purpose. If a person innocently causes harm, then she or he lacks mens rea and, under this concept, should not be criminally prosecuted. 

So as you can see they all lock link and loop into each other – lets use an example ie birth certificate fraud which we all know about 
The corporate machine created the birth certificate system which we all know is a fraudulent document as they quote contract law where all parties have to be fully aware when signing into a contract in regards to beneficial rights etc etc etc, well you wasn’t there when this contract was signed, nor at the age of 4 weeks old wud you be able to comprehend this contract, and your parents also were not fully aware of all the aspects and ramifications of signing that birth certificate which is basically enslavement to the corporations 
In the mid 1800’s the corporations weren’t about not like they are now but you can see how they’ve planned this well in advance (ie premeditated). 
The fabrication is everything they have ever done right up to present day because you still don’t know the truth, none of us do, lets face it we still don’t know what the real date is – only what weve been told, so how much fabrication has been put in between the mid 1800’s to present day, who knows but fabrication will cover it, one word covers that whole event 
The intent is fraud and deceit to keep us enslaved and causing harm, so you can see their intent is their premeditated fabrication to do what they have done to us, a democracy is an fabricated illusion, you think you are free but you are not, and by fighting for a democracy you unwittingly keep yourself in slavery because the birth certificate is a fraudulent contract because its not real, its fictional fabricated intentional from the premeditated. 
As you can see it just keeps linking and locking and looping into each other so basically what premeditated fabrication with intent means, somebody is lying to you to cause harm. Weve all lied but only to get out of trouble with parents when younger usually, but it’s the same format. You create the storyline you fabricate other friends or family into it, and the intent is not to get into trouble with your mum and dad. Miss one bit out and they know lol but it’s the same format, a little white lie to stop you getting into trouble is exactly the same as a global lie. 

premeditated fabrication with intent.jpg
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