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Tribute to John


Field Marshall John Monga who was such a big part of LandsAirWater Counsel unfortunately passed away on Christmas Eve

John loved his family more than life;

He loved his Mum, Mary more than anything;

John i can only thank you for the gift of your friendship and trust in me, you are in my heart always;

Now mum will have to put up with me chatting about John and all the new adventures you are on;

Love you brother


Our tribute to John

Tracy 1st introduced us to John which was quite exciting as we'd never met a King or field marshall before as we live in england, and if it wasnt for joining law counsel we wudnt of had the opportunity to meet such a fantastic down to earth lovely bloke, there isnt many like him 

He took us on drives with Tracy showing us New Zealand, we actually know parts of new zeland better than the UK lol, and even tho weve only known him for a short time he left a big impression with a big heart and a big badge lol, he'd even ring us just for a chat and a laugh which was amazing, he had an awesome sense of humour which is why we clicked and he used to make us laugh hiding his chocolate fish when tracy wud arrive to pick him up cuz he knew he'd be in trouble lol

His vision was for everybody everywhere to be free as were all the same no matter where you are or what language you speak 

He will be greatly missed on a personal level as well as thru law counsel, it's a big pair of shoes to fill but hes inspired us to carry on sharing and building his visions of the future 

Lots of love 

Juicy & Lucy xx

Saddened not to know you well yet John although  your mischief and humour shone powerfully on 'meeting ' you through Tracy, as did your gentleness and frankness, inclusiveness, genuineness and decency and truth! A beautiful friend and soul who will be sorely missed and forever loved. My heart is breaking for Tracy and our loss at Law Counsel. Love jen

The Truth is everything and it shone through John. I wish I  had more time to get to know him as his demeanor showed he was a peaceful man. He has left a legacy showing all who knew him the path to follow. Thanks John 💜

John, a man of peace and great knowing, a man with much mana and a leader. It would have been a privilege to have had more time to get to know you and your passing to the next realm has left a big void here. My thoughts and love with you Tracy. John has given such knowledge, we have to keep it going and carry it forward. Rest in love John.

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