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Magna Carta


The Magna Carta is the English/British constitution.

This is giving the people back their power of self governance as the constitution supersedes all governments/police/courts/legal practitioners, and the fact all courts including magistrates court must have a jury who make the decisions of all court cases, it must be the people's judgement, not the judge as the judge is only there to convene (bring together), and this also includes questioning any legislation which can be classed as null and void if the jury deems it unlawful, as the constitution of all peoples governing themselves supersedes any legislation as governments/heads of state have to abide by it too, and any failure to do so is now working outside the law making those individuals/groups outlaws.

This ties in with natural law cause no harm and holds these self appointed idiots accountable.

Also in any court case, to be found guilty all jury members have to come to the same conclusion of guilt, if 1 jury member finds the individual not guilty then the whole thing gets kicked out of court.

We think its something we can definitely use to help everybody administrate themselves instead of the corporate machine. 

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