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Soldiers Claim

The correspondence between government departments and ourselves shows there's been no action taken from all government officials. They keep passing the buck from department to department for over a decade now. The government don't have any evidence to justify their actions for the decline or the recognition on our grievances. NZ Government don't recognize Native under the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi, only Maori. Our soldier's came under the 1840 Treaty with all rights and privileges as British subjects. Maori is not a race, refer to the Maori Purposes Act 1947. Therefore under Section 6 of the Treaty of Waitangi 1975 Act is wrong in law. The Justice Department refuses to recognize it.

The Treaty of Waitangi 1975 Act is a scam. This was put in place to disadvantage all Native people of New Zealand.

The reason we created the website was to expose the corruption within the New Zealand Government Departments, Ministry of Justice, Crown Law, Office of Treaty Settlements and the Waitangi Tribunal.

Our research took us 14 years to gather all the evidence which consisted of over 300 files.

On our website the report from the Ministry of Justice and Office of Treaty Settlements dated the 14/2/2017 concerning our petition into parliament was written on two files only with no documented evidence. They submitted their personal opinion without evidence to justify their report. In the petition treason was raised and acknowledge by the Primary Production Select Committee. This is to mislead Parliament and the Crown under false pretenses for financial gain. Refer to audio link at the bottle of home page, treason was raised 3 times without dispute.

The letters we've sent to all government officials and the justice departments for the treasonous actions towards our soldier's and sovereignty, have displayed racism, segregation and discrimination.

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