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This knowledge is completely Private in Our Records given freely here for Us to know who We are.

Elector Notice as i am of voter age, i acknowledge i’m on the Te Moana Nui A Kiwa/TMNAK electoral roll for the purposes to remove my consent/legal name/vote of the Known as New Zealand Electoral roll/ and if I wish I can remove my name from the TMNAK election roll by notice to anytime!

We work on a pro-rata voluntary basis and all Koha/donations (donaNon) will be gratefully received to: Law Counsel 03-1575-0075091-003


No Assured Value, No Liability, Errors and Omissions Accepted, All rights Reserved; Without recourse non assumptive; Copyright/Copy Claim by: Nonresident Settlor


The minuted meetings that we publish is more effective than any live life claim because 90% of peoples who sign a live life claim are committing perjury and definitely are not competent to recognise the syntax language in these live life claims

If you need personalised assistance, please contact us at

By: Nonresident Settlor, the one who sets the lor

for more info contact email is

Many Thanks 

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