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Propylene Glycol

Medical Disclaimer - the information on this page is all 1st hand knowledge but as we are all different this is shared for informational/educational purposes only at your discretion, and does not substitute professional medical advice OR your own choice.

propylene glycol intolerence.jpg

Are you aware of how much antifreeze you digest and absorb into your bloodstream on a daily basis! 

Propylene Glycol is a chemical that is antifreeze and is the main ingredient for vape juice.  It is also added to food/drink/toiletries under the guise of preservatives/additives/natural flavours and has dozens and dozens of different names depending on what it is used for.  We've since found out it is actually clear coloured (invisible) liquid plastic and has so many side effects.  The CDC recommends a daily amount but companies are allowed to add this chemical to food and drink without adding it to ingredients lists as its not classed as a nutrient.  This makes it impossible to judge how much you consume on a daily basis.  It also changes your molecules so that you absorb alot faster as it takes just 26 seconds from creams/suntan lotion to be absorbed into your blood stream.  Please click the photo for more info.

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