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Maple Syrup

Medical Disclaimer - the information on this page is all 1st hand knowledge but as we are all different this is shared for informational/educational purposes only at your discretion, and does not substitute professional medical advice OR your own choice.

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Pure 100% Canadian maple syrup  mix with 4.5 TBSP of organic baking soda.  mix to remove lumps and then hold this over a pot of boiling water so its a really low heat and stir constantly for 5 mins.  when it starts to foam up remove it from the heat as it is super easy to burn.  Jar up and leave at room temperature
Take 1 tsp per hour for 8 hrs per day   it will make you feel tired  so sleep   this is when the body heals
it you do not have cancer 1 tsp per day should keep your alkalinity at pH 7.2 which is ideal

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