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Maori Purposes Public Notice 30-9-2022

Maori Purposes 1947
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Thursday 4th February 2021 ATTN: Race Commissioner, We have written to you on several occasions and provided evidence. Very disturbing to find your secretary has chosen not to proceed with our serious complaints, subject to segregation, discrimination causing racism against Natives. The evidence provided should have caused you great concern and immediate action, before it gets out of control. Now it is out of control! We understand under our constitution and many legislations, our Race Relations Commissioner cannot be bias. The secretary has ignored our previous complaints regard to the ongoing racist issues we have raised to your office. This is racism within your own department. Constant submissions under the wai 2500, Maori Military Veterans, through the Tribunal and the Justice Departments, with acceptance on similar grievance to ours, but ONLY for Maori. This is well above racism; you're going towards TREASON. Since the Moss attack, our government refuses racism within New Zealand, but behind closed doors your department supports it. The Waitangi Tribunal only except Maori under Military Veterans. Has also refuse to recognize my family today as Native. My family were recognised as Native right up till 1974, then the law changes to Maori in the Act of 1975. My family come under the original 1840 Treaty as Natives. We are sick and tired of your racist attitude; we have sent you enough evidence to address our serious complaint. Your secretary has refused to pass on the complaint to the right authority. As you are the Race Commissioner, you would find this very disturbing. My ancestors come under the Treaty as Native, and should be respected as Native. I recommend you read the 1947 Maori Purposes Act for reference, along with the Treaty of Waitangi 1840, Schedule the First, Article the Third. How can you change the word Native to Maori in 1947, when we were known as Natives? What happened to our Natives? It's been recorded for your reference in The Journals of the House of Representatives during the 1920s – 1930s, Native Land claim, NOT Maori Land claim. We refer to the previous attachments for your reference for military claims. On the 11/2/2020 you had received the attachment of racism and still no action. Do your fucken job you racist cunt. Is this the reason why these books have been removed from our libraries, Rotorua is a good example? Seem you cannot fulfil your obligations under the law, forward all our correspondence to the British High Commissioner, Laura Clarke for her action under Maritime Law. Yours sincerely Wayne Duggan soldiersclaim ps; If this is not addressed within the standard time, all correspondence will be published.

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