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Medical Disclaimer - the information on this page is all 1st hand knowledge but as we are all different this is shared for informational/educational purposes only at your discretion, and does not substitute professional medical advice OR your own choice.

Eczema and Asthma: put 1 to 2 cm of Pearl Barley in to a saucepan; depending on size; fill with UNFLOURIDATED water now bring to boil;  simmer until barley is soft to the point of mushy: tip water into bottles and keep in frig; Has  very long frig life; discard the barley as goodness has gone: Drink as much as possible: earthy taste but makes you well; can be made into iceblocks or add some honey and lemon: Eczema is not a skin problem as the problem comes from within:  Asthma is usually caused by aluminum and which can be found in many products like baking powder and baking soda; cookware (read labels), food cooked in foil tested positive for aluminum; cold foil is fine: think of what is not shown on labels for bought products such as cakes and biscuits.

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