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International Law Counsel Charter


International Law Counsel Charter 

No persons within the Law Counsel are registered as lawyers, barristers etc as these titles work for the corporate and against natural law.  We may hire lawyers for interpreting purposes only depending on each individual case. 

The Law Counsel operates within lawful natural law.  It’s very black and white and quite simple – where no harm can be caused to another person.  It supersedes fictional law where fictional law is something that has been created by the corporate entities for their own gains and the enslavement which ensues, where they deny you of your rights that you were born with ie you was born here and the lands was gifted to you to live off and look after.  We are all custodians of the land, air and water while we are here.  No one owns them. 


The Law Counsel is here to help people take back their rights that have been denied by helping and teaching natural law so that people can rightfully take back those rights they was born with of being custodians of the land, air and water without causing harm.  The law counsel is here for every step of the process helping people regain their rights. 
How the Law Counsel works 

It has become a shield and wall of protection for every man and woman and child.  All members of the Law Counsel operate behind this shield of autonomy in the restoration of our properties from legal practitioners that have served to harm us for centuries. 


If you wish to become a member of the Law Counsel, please contact  and all members will have a share within the Law Counsel to help teach and pass this knowledge on, to then set up your own Law Counsel where you live.  
define the word person = corporation or dead entity.... so we are man or woman  

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